Beyond Appalachia

A Road Trip Across America


If anyone is still following this blog, you should follow! I’m painting a series of paintings that reflect on this entire road trip. 


Driving into Seattle! We made it!!
Large dust devil in farm country Washington!

We also forgot to give a shout out to Hannah from Boise. Thank you do much for your hospitality! We loved all the food you cooked for us and your adorable golden retrievers and cats.

One of the wolves we saw.
Lizzy’s new residence: the yurt (aka V.I.P. intern housing).
Inside Lizzy’s yurt.

Winchester, ID

Hey everyone! Lizzy is officially settled in her new wolf job in Winchester, ID. We met her boss and co-workers and saw her new residence in the woods. She is living in a “yurt” close to two wolf enclosures which is pretty cool.
Matt and I stayed the night with Lizzy in her new yurt and helped her get situated. We ate at the local saloon in town which was pretty interesting. We woke up today to the sounds of ravens and got to witness the whole feeding procedure for wolves. After seeing the wolves feed, we said goodbye to Lizzy and drove off. We’re now on our way to Seattle, WA. We should arrive in the early evening.
That’s it for now! I’ll post some pictures of Lizzy’s new residence. Happy Independence Day!

Inside Lizzy’s yurt.
I also forgot to mention we visited Craters of the Moon yesterday before reaching Boise. It was weird and awesome.